Kia’s ‘Optima’ battery warranty covers a few hundred miles of driving

Kia has issued a two-year, battery-free driving warranty covering 100,000 miles of the “optima” brand of car. 

Optima batteries are made by a Chinese manufacturer called Tungshan, but the company says the vehicles have a much higher lifespan than its “tungsten-cathode” cells. 

It says the batteries will only require about 15,000 to 20,000 charge cycles to reach their maximum life, depending on how long they’ve been stored. 

The warranty covers the car’s performance and mileage for the next three years. 

“The first 100,00 miles of this vehicle’s service are covered,” Kia said in a statement.

“This warranty will be extended to 100,0000 miles and will be valid until the end of 2020. 

Kia is committed to delivering safe and reliable vehicles and services to our customers and is committed with our team to maintaining this promise.” 

The company says its battery warranty applies to the vehicles’ “tensile strength” (the amount of force required to break the car apart), the “weight of the vehicle” and the “motorcycle weight” of the battery. 

There’s also a “limited lifetime” warranty for “all other wear and tear,” the statement said. 

In addition to the 100,00000-mile warranty, Kia says the company will also pay for any “damage to the vehicle’s internal parts, including paint and grille or bodywork.” 

“We are proud to offer our customers the best and most environmentally-friendly product in the market today,” said David Smith, CEO of Kia. 

However, Kias own customers could be left to clean up the mess in the meantime. 

One customer who has opted to leave the warranty, a man named Jason, says the Kias warranty is “a joke” and “ridiculous.” 

According to a Kia spokesman, the company “does not make claims about the performance of our vehicles, nor is it our policy to make any claims about vehicle performance.” 

Jason, who lives in Illinois, also says he is “not happy” about the warranty and that he plans to take the car to court.

“This warranty is just another excuse to take care of myself and my car, and the company does not make any claim about the vehicle performance,” he told CNNMoney.

Kia’s warranty was not immediately available.