Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly apologizes for ‘irresponsible’ tweets

Fox News host Bill O”Reilly, a frequent critic of the media, apologized Thursday for “irresponsible” tweets in which he used profanity and referred to an NFL game as “the most important thing on Sunday.

“O’Reilly was responding to a tweet from ESPN’s Jemele Hill, who criticized a recent decision by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend five players over their actions during the national anthem.”

Thanks for your help.””

Just to let you know, the most important things on Sunday, besides football, are the NFL, the Patriots, and the NFL season.

Thanks for your help.”

He continued, “It’s really just the most significant thing of my life.

And it’s just the one that has to do with me and my family.

I’ve been trying to make it as simple as possible.”

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Thursday, O’Reysaid he was trying to use humor to help the team, and said it was “irrelevant” for him to use profanity.

“I have no desire to insult anybody,” he said.

“And I’ve always used the correct words when I used profanities.

I never had anything to do, I was just trying to get to the point.”

He also said that he did not understand why Hill’s tweet made him so angry, since she has said she was “disappointed” by Goodell’s actions.

“I just felt that there was an overreaction, an overreaching and excessive reaction,” O`Reilly said.

O’Rreeysaid later deleted his tweet, but it has since been retweeted more than 2,000 times and re-tweeted by more than 3,000 people.

He also apologized for his “irrational” tweet and said he would no longer use profane language.

The commissioner’s office released a statement saying they were “disgusted” by O’reysays actions, but O’REYSaid they were simply expressing his personal view on the situation.

“Jemele Hill and I have never spoken on the subject of the National Anthem, and we never intended to do so.

But I regret that I was insensitive to a fan who was simply expressing her opinion.

It is inappropriate for a host to make such a comment,” the statement said.”

Our commissioner is committed to working collaboratively with everyone in the league and the players union to ensure the highest standards of integrity and respect are upheld in our game.”