How to get a $3 million salary from a website optimizer

Optima Health Insurance is using a website optimization program that has brought them a whopping $3.5 million in income, with the CEO and COO receiving $7 million.

Optima CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Chris Chubb, and CFO, Andrew Gomes, were also given $1 million in severance packages.

Optima has raised $3 billion in venture capital funding.

“With the success of the Optima Global Fund, we now have a significant revenue stream and an impressive staff,” Mr Chubb said.

“The success of Optima has resulted in a very profitable future for our team, which is an incredible achievement for a global healthcare company.”

We will be focusing on expanding our product offerings across the Optimum portfolio, including Optima Insurance, Optima Care and Optima Healthcare, and are looking forward to the future.

“Optima Global is an exciting opportunity for Optima to become an important leader in the health insurance industry.”

As we continue to scale up, we are also looking to expand our business in the areas of health, wellness and consumer finance.

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