How to save up to 70% on an Amazon Prime membership

The Amazon Prime Day promo is still live, and as we head into 2017, we have a couple more things to look forward to.

The first is the upcoming “Amazon Prime Day” event that starts on April 11, and will feature a number of exclusive deals, including an AMEX Optima and Amazon Prime Card.

While the latter offers a free two-day Amazon Prime card to everyone, it also offers discounts of up to $200 on qualifying purchases.

This is in addition to a variety of other benefits like a free 2-day trip to London and $10 off a $300 purchase.

We’re hoping that some of these offers will be available in a future update.

Another Amazon Prime promotion that’s still up in the air is the “Amazon Unlimited” deal.

While this is an exclusive deal, it is worth noting that Amazon Unlimited will also offer some savings on purchases of $100 or more.

For instance, a Prime Card of $300 gets you a free Amazon Prime Membership card of up of $50, as well as a free $100 Amazon Prime gift card.

The Amazon Unlimited program is limited to a maximum of three members per household.

While it’s not clear whether or not this will apply to the Optima, we’re hoping to hear more about the offer soon.

There are also some other notable deals on the horizon that will be included in the Amazon Prime app.

As of now, the Amazon Store has several “Amazon coupons” that offer a few unique savings.

For example, a $100 coupon gives you $100 in free shipping on orders over $100, or up to 50% off in-store purchases.

Other Amazon coupons are listed on the store’s “Promotions” page.

For the Optimo, a “Prime membership” promotion offers up to 10% off on up to five eligible items, and a “Free shipping” promotion gives you 10% free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

There’s also a “free” Amazon gift card, which gives you a $25 Amazon Gift Card if you spend $500 or more on Amazon Prime items.

Lastly, Amazon offers “Amazon’s first ever free gift card” to Prime members, which includes a “50% off coupon” that’s valid from April 12-18.

The offer is valid for Amazon Prime members of all ages.

While we’re not exactly sure when the Optimas and Optima will be added to the Prime app, we can say that they should be available soon.