HP Connection Optimizer for Health Providers

Health care providers across the country have struggled to find an easy way to measure their effectiveness in helping their patients, and now they’ve got a tool that does it for them.HP Connection Optimization for Health Care Providers is a free, online tool that can help healthcare providers monitor and analyze their own performance and help them optimize their own services.

HP says the tool has been downloaded over 1.8 million times and used by more than 600,000 health care providers.

“Health care providers are constantly changing their practices and are trying to keep up with evolving trends,” says Jim Anderson, vice president of global health at HP.

“With a growing number of providers who are looking for ways to improve their effectiveness, we want to provide them with tools to help them do just that.”HP is introducing a tool called HP Connection Analyzer, which allows providers to monitor and optimize their workflows for the first time.

The tool uses a data-driven analytics platform to collect information on all aspects of their healthcare activities, including: patient health, physician satisfaction, utilization, patient outcomes, and cost.HP is also launching a new tool, HP Connection Performance, that provides healthcare providers with tools and metrics to track and evaluate their performance in helping patients, including how they handle the diagnosis, management, and treatment of specific conditions.

This is just the beginning for HP ConnectionAnalyzer, according to Anderson.

He says the company is planning to expand the tool with more health care services to help doctors and nurses understand their work, and will soon be working with pharmaceutical companies to create new tools to make it easier for them to share data with their patients.

To get the tool, health care professionals can use the free, open source tool.