Which MLB teams are the best at searching for their next big move?

Optimizer has found that MLB teams have an 85% chance of landing a top-three pick in the MLB draft, with the other 15% coming from a mix of the regular draft and free agency. 

The tool’s algorithm considers both the market size and the likelihood that a team is going to be able to win at a position. 

Using these parameters, it’s possible to find that the best MLB teams over the past decade are mostly in the top three.

The rankings were based on both the projected value of each prospect and the probability that the team would have the right player at the right price. 

MLB.com has the full list of the top 30 teams in each of the past two decades. 

We also have a list of all of the best players in each league from this past offseason, including the AL MVP, NL Rookie of the Year, AL Rookie of a League, and AL Gold Glove winner. 

Check out the full rankings below. 

Included are players who have been selected in the first five rounds of the draft since 2006, as well as the names of players selected in Rounds 1-5. 

It’s interesting to note that there are two players in the AL who have yet to make their MLB debuts. 

Buster Posey is the only player from the AL to not appear in the All-Star Game this season. 

Posey was drafted in the fourth round in 2004, and was selected in both the first round (No. 14) and second round (Round 5). 

Pete Kozma was drafted as the third overall pick in 2007, and has never appeared in the majors. 

For the AL, here are the Top 30 teams, ranked from best to worst.

 As always, we’ll have an updated ranking of all 30 teams every Tuesday throughout the season.