How will the 2017 season compare to 2016?

The 2016 season saw Kia Motorsports enter the grid as the No. 2 team, and a big reason why was because of a new powertrain.

Kia Motors will have a powertrain that uses an entirely new cylinder design that replaces the 1.5L V6 with a 1.7L V8 that can power a 0-60 mph time of 4.3 seconds, and an EPA-estimated 186 horsepower.

The turbocharger is a 2.0L version that powers a 2,700-pound boost from the 2.5-liter V6.

The powertrain will power a three-speed manual transmission.

The front and rear wheels will be aluminum.

The car will be equipped with a pair of front-wheel drive systems.

It will also be equipped to use an electric motor and a hybrid system that will power the front wheels, but will also have a regenerative braking system.

The electric system is the most significant innovation that the Kia team has made to this year’s car.

The car has received some updates in terms of aerodynamics.

The Kia nameplate will be replaced with the Kiaspeed moniker.

The nameplate is a homage to the Kiehl’s brand and the iconic car in the movie “The Fast and the Furious” series.

This will be the first Kia to have a black paint scheme in the 2019 model year.KIA has not announced any official plans to build the car at this time.

The team did receive a $5 million federal grant in 2018 to upgrade the Kiacos engine and transmission for the new turbocharged V6 and V8.

Kiaspeed will also utilize a hybrid technology, as will the Kiamaspeed, which will be a 4-cylinder powertrain with two electric motors that power the rear wheels.

A single electric motor in the front will power all the rear-wheel drives.

Kiamspeed will be powered by a 1-liter turbocharged inline-six that has a maximum output of 205 horsepower.

A few years ago, Kia was rumored to be building a production car in 2019, but that never happened.

The company now has the V6 engine in the KIAS and the V8 in the VIA, so that should be an exciting time.