How to fix your Twitter account after the leak

The leak of hacked Twitter accounts and the resignation of the company’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, has led to a surge in cyberattacks.

Here are some of the best tips to keep your account safe.1.

Avoid clicking on malicious links on your feeds.

You should also avoid clicking on the links that appear in the Twitter feed of someone you don’t know or trust.

Some of the links you may see in your feed are the result of bots, which can cause your account to appear to be compromised.

To fix the problem, delete the malicious link or replace it with a malicious link from a trusted source.2.

Keep your profile private.

Twitter allows you to select a profile picture or a bio that appears when you sign in to your account.

It’s not possible to remove this image and only the profile picture is visible to the public.3.

Follow Twitter’s @GMA and @CNN.

They’re good for both news and sports.

Twitter is using the @GMMA and @GADC hashtags to promote the network, but you can follow both @GAMEDAM and @FREEMAN instead.4.

Watch the @NBA and @MLB, not the @SportsCenter.

If you are a sports fan, then it’s probably better to follow the @MLBDotCom hashtags instead.

If it’s sports, then @NFLBEST and @NBACARE should be more relevant.5.

Avoid any social media posts.

The best way to avoid spam is to keep it to social media only.

Twitter users have been known to send you inappropriate messages that you might find offensive.

If your tweet is posted in a forum, you can choose not to reply or delete it.

If a post is posted on Twitter, it’s more likely that a troll will post it.

You can block the user who posted the message and block the account associated with the message.6.

Watch for suspicious activity on Twitter.

Some tweets appear to come from a hacker or a phishing site.

This is a good time to change your profile photo to make it more recognizable.7.

Make sure your account has the latest Twitter security updates.

Twitter offers two updates that are recommended for the latest security vulnerabilities: the Security Update for Twitter Accounts and the Twitter Security Patch for Twitter.

Both of these updates are available for free from the company.8.

Watch your profile for updates.

When a new tweet or post comes through, Twitter recommends checking your Twitter profile for a security update.

This could include the latest bug fixes or security improvements.9.

Never change your password.

Twitter will reset your password if you try to change it.

It won’t take long for your password to reset and you can change your username and password at any time.10.

If there’s an emergency, follow @TwitterSafety first.

You’ll know when there’s a major breach in your account and how to take action.