What you need to know about the new 2018 Kia Optima and Kia 2020 models

The 2018 Kias are going up for sale, with the latest Kia coming in at $38,200.

The Kia is going up at $35,400, and the Kia 10 is at $32,400.

That’s a $25,000 premium over the 2016 Kia and $25/hp over the 2020 Kias.

We’ve seen this happen before with the 2016 and 2020 Kia, so the 2018 Kiosas are going to be even more expensive than their predecessors.

The 2018 models are the first of what Kia says will be five new Kia models this year, and we’re expecting them to be significantly more powerful and more capable than the current Kia’s.

The 2019 Kia will also be getting a bigger, more powerful, more fuel efficient engine.

As for the 2018 model, it’ll have a 2.0L engine with a 160hp Kiaspec.

The new 2018 models will be available with either a 7-speed manual or a 7 speed automatic.

The price will be $40,800, which is a big bump from the $40/hp price point of the current models.

The 2017 models will go up to $35/hp.

The 2016 models will get an all-new 8-speed transmission.

The 2020 models will have a new 8-cylinder turbocharged engine.

The cheapest 2018 KIA, the 2018 Optima, is already available with a 7.2L inline-six engine with 607 horsepower.

The Optima has a starting price of $37,300, which means it’ll cost about $1,000 less than the Optima 20.

We expect the 2018 models to have an all new exterior color, with a black body and a red paint job.

Kia also announced that it will offer a 7Ki Sport model in 2019, which will be equipped with a new engine, new exterior colors, and more power.

The 7Kii Sport will be priced at $47,000, which puts it at about $900 less than last year’s 7K i Sport.

There’s no word on when the 2018 5th generation Kias will hit dealerships.

The last of the 2018 7K’s, the Optimo, is expected to be available in 2020, but it’s not yet known if the 2018 6th generation will be announced or if the 2019 Kiaswill be made available with the new 7K.

Kias, meanwhile, are expecting to debut the 2019 Optimo models in mid-2020.

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