India’s new prime minister has unveiled a new vision of India as a ‘post-partisan nation’

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced his government would move to roll out a new national narrative, aiming to focus on national unity, and make the nation a more democratic and inclusive one.

The new national agenda will focus on three core principles: economic, social and political.

In a wide-ranging speech, Modi said the new national vision would aim to address the socio-economic, political and social challenges faced by the country, and also the socio/cultural issues that have plagued the country for the last 40 years.

Modi said the first principle was to be to “get the nation moving again”, and this was a necessary part of the country’s transformation.

“It is a country that is post-partisan, it is not just a party,” Modi said.

“We are not only a party.

We are a nation, and we need to be the nation again.”

Modi stressed that India’s future would be shaped by the vision of the nation and the way it was governed.

“There are some who see us as a country of extremes.

We have to move beyond that,” he said.”

The nation’s future is defined by what the nation wants, what the people want, and what the country needs.”

The first national vision aims to make India a post-party nation, Modi added.

“The nation needs a national narrative.

It is not about what is right or wrong.

It has to be a narrative of the people,” he added.

The Modi government has promised to implement a national agenda, to set national priorities, to develop the country and to improve the countrys governance.