Optimizer to help doctors make better diagnoses in NBA Finals

Optimizer.com is an app designed to help physicians make better decisions in basketball.

It helps doctors quickly find a doctor to see a patient.

The app’s creators say it has helped doctors save more than $500,000 in unnecessary surgeries and more than 500,000 dollars in lost productivity.

The company, which was founded by two former NBA players, says it’s been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and helps physicians make more informed decisions about health and medicine.

“This is a tool that has proven itself as a proven resource for physicians,” said Dr. John M. Zagorski, the CEO of Optimal Weight.

“It’s incredibly helpful in terms of what we need to do in terms for prescribing, prescribing, and tracking our medications.”

The app, which can be downloaded for free, uses algorithms to determine which physicians are the best at predicting how much a patient is likely to need to stay in a hospital.

“The app gives you a tool to find the best doctor for you based on your preferences and your needs,” said Zaganski.

Optimal Weight uses algorithms in its algorithm to determine doctors are the most likely to prescribe and are most likely the most effective at monitoring their patients.

The doctors are also the most efficient in how they manage their patients’ care, the app claims.

The researchers at OptimalWeight say the app will help doctors stay on top of patients who need unnecessary surgeries.

“We want to help the doctors make the best decision for the patient and that’s how we will continue to grow and improve the app,” said M. J. Zagan, the company’s CEO.

“This app is about helping the doctors get the most from their practice and make the right decision.”

The app has been downloaded about 1.5 billion times.