The price of a new pair of cigars is about to drop…

On the eve of the release of the latest batch of cigars from the beloved company that is the legendary Cuban company, Optimo, there is another cigar coming to market which is destined to be the most expensive cigar in history.

The company, founded by Fidel Castro, is going to launch the Optimo 5-pack in February.

The cigar, which will retail for $20 a stick, will be the first to include the Cuban-made Havana Habano and will be available in a limited number of cigar boxes.

In order to celebrate the launch, Optimalo has released the following tweet: “The Optimo cigar is here and it is the biggest, most expensive and most sought after cigar in the world.”

The tweet comes as the company has been making headlines with its announcement that it has bought the company that produces and sells the Cuban cigar brand, Havana.

The new cigars will be made in Nicaragua and sold at a premium price.

The Cuban company was founded in 1959 and has been producing cigars for over 40 years.

While Optimo is a very large company with over 1,200 employees, it is not the first Cuban company to enter the cigar industry.

In 2009, the Cuban company launched a cigar called the Cachaca which is a cigar which has been made by the company.

It is a lighter, more affordable cigar that will cost $4.75 a stick.

Optimo has also produced cigars for brands like Montecristo and Cuban Republic.

It has also launched several other cigars such as the Cubano and the Chico.

In addition to the cigars, the company will be launching a line of accessories for the cigars including a cigar box, a humidor, a case, a stand and a cigar holder.

It will also be offering a premium cigar box that will come with a cigar.

The cigars are expected to be released in February and will cost between $10 and $20.

While the Cuban cigars are going to be made by a different company than the Cuban ones, the cigar company has managed to make a deal with Cuba which is likely to be an important factor in the long term viability of the brand.

The Cuba deal is not entirely unexpected.

The government has been trying to make cigars that are more affordable in the past but it is still unclear if that deal will actually work in the longer term.

It also appears that Cuba is looking to make its own cigars.

Cuba has a number of companies that produce cigars and other goods.

The main supplier of cigars to the world is the Dominican Republic.

However, it has also been a major market for cigars for years and the Cuban deal with Optimo will likely allow the company to continue its dominance in the market.

The deal with Cuban Republic is likely a win for Cuban cigars.

Optimalos cigars are not the only cigars being released by the Cuban government.

Last month, the government announced a deal to sell Cuban cigars at a discounted price.

It was the first time the government has offered cigars to customers.

Cuba is also reportedly going to start manufacturing cigars in the U.S. This is likely due to the increasing popularity of cigars in this country.

As the number of Cuban cigars increases, the price of the cigars will go down.

However the price will still be higher than other countries in the hemisphere, like Venezuela.

The price increase could be a sign that the Cuban market is growing more popular.

This will only help the company because Cuban cigars were always expensive, but the country is going through a very tough time with its economy.

The U.K. is also expected to release cigars from Optimo.

The first batch of Optimo cigars will reportedly be made from the Cuban tobacco called Havana Habana.

The brand was created in 1957 by the country’s founder, Fidel Castro.

The Habana is a Cuban-style cigar which is made with Cuban tobacco and is aged in Cuban cigars for several years.

The cost for cigars has gone down from $10 to $20 and it will be sold in a variety of flavors.

Optimos cigars will not be the only cigar in Cuba’s new cigar empire.

There are also plans to produce cigars from other countries.

The Cigar Factory of the Americas, which is an arm of the United States Cigar Corporation, is also working on cigars from countries like Colombia and Ecuador.

Cigar factories have been operating in the United Kingdom for years, and there is a lot of buzz about them in the country.

There has been talk of a cigar factory in the British Virgin Islands, as well as other countries including Canada, France, Italy and Spain.

The current cigar market is also not the greatest in the region.

The world’s cigar market was worth $1.9 trillion in 2017.

The United States has the highest market share of the cigar market at 49 percent, followed by the European Union with 14 percent.

Other markets that make up the cigar boom include the United Arab Emirates and Mexico.