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Recode/Reuters 4/19/2018 12:38:38 The latest news in tech and tech news from around the world.

1/19 The new car, the one we have been waiting for: Tesla unveils the Model 3.

The new model, with a range of 250 miles and a price tag of $70,000, will hit stores in 2021.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the Model X, which launched in 2017, is on track to hit its 200,000th order.

The Model 3 will cost $35,000 more than the Model S. Reuters 2/19 Apple’s new iPhone 7 is finally here.

It has been in the works for years, but finally has an official release date.

But wait, it’s coming later this year.

3/19 Amazon’s Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Amazon Prime Music Unlimited are coming to the iPhone.

Amazon will start rolling them out in early 2019.

4/18 Apple and Apple TV 5/18 Google will soon offer a new video streaming service called Chromecast, which will stream content from YouTube to your television.

5/17 The iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to come with an all-glass front.

6/17 Facebook’s WhatsApp app will finally get a major overhaul.

7/17 Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant will get a new update.

8/17 Google’s Alexa now has a new voice feature.

9/17 Apple’s iWatch will get an OLED display, and the screen will have a new color and be larger.

10/17 LG will finally be able to build a 3D OLED display.

11/17 A new TV streaming service will be launched.

12/17 Samsung is releasing the S7 Edge.

13/17 Uber has announced plans to launch its own TV streaming TV service, a move that will make Uber TV available in the US and Canada.

14/17 Nokia’s new smartphone, the S8, will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and it has an 8-inch display.

15/17 Roku, Apple’s streaming service, has announced that it will get OS X El Capitan in 2019.

16/17 Microsoft will finally start shipping Surface Pro 4 laptops in 2019, but will also start shipping its own version of Windows 10 for the Surface Pro line of laptops.

17/17 Netflix will start streaming content through its new Netflix app on Mac and PC, but only if you have a Microsoft account.

1 / 19 The new vehicle, the One we have be waiting for : Tesla unvels the Model Three.

The first model, released in 2018, is expected to be a luxury sports car.

Tesla is also making the Model 4.

Tesla said it was building 300 Model 3 cars in 2017.

The company has said it will start producing the Model 5 in 2019 and that it’s aiming to produce the Model 6 by 2025.

The car is expected in 2021, and will cost around $70 million.

Reuters 32/19 Android 6 Marshmallow will be coming to iPhones, tablets, and other Android devices in 2019 Reuters 33/19 Uber, Amazon, and Google are all expected to release their own TV services in 2019 Getty Images 34/19 Samsung is finally making the S6 in 2019 for around $75 million.

35/19 Netflix will soon be able get Android TV on PCs and consoles, but it will only be available in certain markets and territories.

36/19 Microsoft will be able stream content through an upcoming Windows 10 app on PC, Mac, and Linux, with more apps to come.

Netflix has a history of working with partners to bring its own content to other platforms.

37/19 Roku is going to become a new TV service on PC. 38/19 Google will finally begin shipping Surface Pros in 2019 Google 39/19 LG is finally getting a new OLED display that it says will look stunning.

The display is the company’s first ever, and is expected by 2020 to cost around 1.5 million yen.

40/19 Nintendo has announced a new smartphone.

41/19 Xiaomi is finally bringing its first smartphone to the US, the Mi 4i.

42/19 Nike is bringing back the Nike+ app for Android, and a new version of the Nike Flyknit will launch in 2019 Nike 43/19 Sony is finally releasing a new smartwatch, the ZenWatch 2.

The device will launch sometime in 2019 Sony 44/19 Dell is finally launching a new Chromebook.

45/19 Panasonic is finally selling its smart TV set.

46/19 Facebook’s Alexa will finally have a better voice assistant Alexa 47/19 Twitter is going back to using the Twitter API for all its apps.

48/19 Instagram is finally rolling out a new photo sharing app.

49/19 Snapchat is finally taking the plunge to build its own streaming video service, the Snapcode.

50/19 YouTube will be getting a major redesign.

51/19 Spotify will finally launch its new streaming music service in 2019 Spotify 52/19 Lenovo’s new