How to optimize your app for Google Play and Apple App Store?

Optimizing for the Play Store and Apple Store can be tricky.

This article will walk you through the basics of the app optimization process.

If you are just starting out with app development, it is not a difficult task.

App store optimization can be done in many different ways.

Here is how you can start from scratch with your first app.1.

Choose a titleThe first thing you need to do is choose a title for your app.

You can choose from titles such as “Achievements”, “Apps”, “Books”, or “Apps for Everyone”.

The title of your app is the reason why it will be featured in Google Play Store.

The title will be used to target users in the Google Play store, thus getting more downloads and therefore more revenue.2.

Pick a descriptionThe description for your game can be used for your title.

In this article, we will focus on using the word “game” for our app title.

A great example of a game is “Cookie Clicker” which has over 10 million downloads in GooglePlay.

You should make sure your game description is relevant for your target audience.

The Google Play description is more of a recommendation than an absolute.3.

Choose an icon The icon for your icon should be very small, at least 1 pixel in size.

For this reason, it should be a combination of a circle and a circle.

In our example, the icon will be a circle of no more than 8 pixels in size and it should contain an ellipsis to indicate a vertical line.4.

Pick an icon themeChoose a theme for your application icon.

For the purpose of this article we are using the “Light” theme.

You may also choose a different theme for different applications.

The icon theme is also a very important thing to consider for the first few months.

The light theme is used in the default home screen for Android.

It is very simple and straightforward.5.

Choose color schemeThe colors of your application icons should be vibrant and bright.

You might be tempted to pick a theme that is completely black or completely white, but it is better to go with the light theme and go for a solid black.

You are more likely to sell your app in the dark and have a consistent app icon theme.6.

Choose icon sizeThe size of your icon is very important for the next step.

If your app icon size is too small, users will be unable to see it.

In the light icon theme, users can easily see the icon size by hovering over the icon.7.

Select icon colorsThe colors for your icons should follow the color scheme in your app’s settings.

The default icon colors are blue, white, and grey.

The icon color should also follow the icon theme colors.

The theme colors for icons in the app store are the same as for the Google App Store, but the app theme colors are more sophisticated and have an impact on how users interact with your app, and therefore your app revenue.

The light icon color scheme has an impact as well.

The app store icon colors have a light, neutral tone and the icon colors for the app color scheme are more muted.8.

Create a splashscreenWhen your app has launched, you should make it look pretty with a splash screen that looks similar to the Google Search App.

This splash screen can be the same or a variation on the default splash screen.

If your app does not have a splash page, then you can use a simple splash page for a few simple reasons:1.

Users will not be able to see your app logo if the splash page is smaller than 1px.2,3.

Users may not be aware that they are seeing your app if the icon has a large background.5,6.

Users are likely to miss your app even if the logo is smaller.

In the case of the light app, users should be able see your logo by hovering above the icon and seeing if the background is large enough.

If it is too big, users may be able only see the logo by using the arrow keys.7,8.

You could also use a textured splash screen as a way to add a visual element to your app to get users interested in your game.9.

You don’t need to include a video player for your splash screenThe Google Play splash page will be the default and is often the most popular for apps in the Play store.

However, you will need to choose a video to show your game when it is launched.

This video is an easy way to introduce your game to the users.

You would be surprised how many people prefer the video as their splash page.10.

Make it look good for all devicesIn case your app doesn’t work on all devices, it can still be a great way to make it popular.

Here are a few things you can do to make your splash page look great:1,2,4,5,Your app icon will have a text on it