Kia optimas mods make it easier to customize your car

Posted March 15, 2020 06:12:17 Kia is offering some interesting additions to its Kia Optima Hybrid, one of its premium cars, in an effort to boost the range of the sedan.

The company’s latest additions are a new transmission and powertrain that allows the Optima to reach its maximum potential and an updated exterior that looks a lot like the outgoing Kia Sedan.

The two new transmissions and powertrains are compatible with Kia’s Optima’s two-speed automatic and two-wheel-drive configuration.

Kia’s new Optima hybrid is one of the most advanced in the segment and will offer more power and torque than any other Kia in the industry.

The Optima is the first Kia to offer two-wheeled powertrands, which allows the car to accelerate and decelerate more quickly than its two-cylinder counterpart.

Kia says the new transmission allows the engine to be driven more freely and the transmission to be more responsive, which will improve efficiency and decrease engine-malfunctioning issues.

The new transmission has the ability to reach 60 mph in just under 5 seconds and the Optimas hybrid’s engine has the highest fuel economy of any Kia on the market.

While the new powertrain is unique, Kia already offers a hybrid powertrain for the Optimal in the form of a Kia Hybrid Sport.

The hybrid sports the same eight-speed transmission as the Optime but with a slightly different gear ratio.

The Kia team says the Optimes Hybrid Sport will offer up to 20 percent more torque than its predecessor and up to 11 percent more power.

It will be available from the third quarter of 2020, with a price tag of $31,990.

The Optima comes with a host of new technologies and features including:A new transmission that enables the Optiman to reach a maximum range of 240 miles per charge and can reach its peak efficiency rating of 70 mpg, the company says.

The updated engine is also capable of reaching 60 mph, and Kia plans to launch the new car at the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s a smart move to include a hybrid option in a luxury sedan, which is typically the first option offered by the Kia brand.

Kias most recent luxury offerings, like the Kiosks and Optimacs, also feature a hybrid version.

KIA is also planning a limited edition of the Optimo, which comes with the same hybrid powertracks as the Kias Optima, but is powered by a four-cylindered engine.

The new Optimal comes with all the standard equipment and is available in both manual and automatic trim levels.

The car is available from now until the end of 2019.

The following Kia models will receive the new hybrid transmission and transmission upgrade:The Optimata Hybrid Sport, a hybrid sports car with a two-seat configuration, is available now for $32,990 from the KIA US and KIA Canada.