Kia Optima battery optimizer can make it cheaper to power your phone

Kia has announced that it has developed an intelligent battery optimiser that can make mobile devices run faster and more efficiently.

The battery optimisation algorithm can be applied to smartphones, tablets, wearables and other mobile devices and the results can be used to optimize the battery, reducing the cost of power, according to Kia.

The company has made the battery optimising algorithm a key part of its Power Smart app and a smartphone app called PowerSmart, which are part of Kia’s PowerSmart initiative.

It will be available in a free beta version for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets by the end of this month.

Kia has been working on battery optimisers for smartphones for years, but the company has never released the results publicly.

This is the first time the results will be made public.

Kia said the results of its battery optimisations are used by its PowerSmart app, which offers the option to monitor battery capacity and energy efficiency.

“Battery optimisations for smartphone, tablet and wearable devices have been available since the launch of the PowerSmart platform, but Kia is the only company to have developed a comprehensive battery optimised algorithm that is currently available for use in the App,” Kia wrote on its website.

“The results can also be used by the Power Smart platform to optimize power usage and energy usage of devices, for example, by detecting the time it takes to charge the device and the energy consumed while charging the device.”

In addition, the results from this algorithm can also serve as a benchmark to benchmark smartphone, tablets and wearables against other devices on the market.

“The algorithm was first announced by Kia in April, but details have been sparse since.

The PowerSmart App has an option to use the data generated by the optimisation engine to identify energy savings for users.

It also provides a smartphone-style battery optimization screen, which allows users to choose a different battery for their smartphone and tablet.”

We are pleased to announce that the results are now available in the Powersmart app and PowerSmart mobile app,” said Robert Neely, head of consumer products at Kia Asia Pacific.”

Through the Power smart app, Kia can optimize power consumption and energy use for mobile devices while they are connected to the Internet and while the device is charging.

“Kia’s Smart Battery Optimiser is not the first technology Kia announced in 2016.

It launched its first optimisation system in 2013, and in 2014 the company announced it had developed an algorithm for its Smart App that was designed to help it reduce the cost and time to charge devices.

Kias battery optimizers have been used in devices from iPhones and iPads to the BlackBerry Priv, but there have been no reports of them making it into consumer devices, though some devices are equipped with them.

Kiosk is a smart battery optimisation service which has been available on the App Store since 2011.