When does a new Kia Optima Rims launch? – Optimize lineup – CVA optimization

Posted October 27, 2018 09:17:05 I am looking for a new pair of Kia Ocak’s for the next year.

Will they be a regular pair or can I pick one up if I like them better?

The next generation of Kias have been coming out for quite a while and the new Kias are the first to get the big update. 

It seems that the Kia is gearing up to launch the Optima lineup and I am curious as to when that will be.

I think the Optimo Rims are going to be the first two to get an update and it’s also the last pair to be upgraded.

The first two pairs that Kia got to upgrade were the Ocako Rims and the Ocracoke Rims.

I just bought the OCR and have a couple pairs and I’m going to get a couple of pairs for my husband and myself for Christmas. 

Are there any other cars or vehicles that will get the Optimas update?

Any other news about Kia’s Optimos?

If you are planning on getting a pair of these Kia Optimas, I suggest you take a look at the KIA Optima Rims page to see if there are any special offers or incentives you can get.

I have a feeling that there are a couple offers coming up but I’ll check back here in the future if I see any.