‘Heisman-winning QB’ is no longer a Heisman winner: Heisman candidates who are no longer Heisman winners

The Heisman voting process has become a bit more complex as of late.

And if you’re one of the Heisman voters who wants to see the players’ names go down as the winners, you’re in luck because the new process will give you a chance to have your say.

That means if you like one of those players and don’t want them to win, you’ll be able to vote for them.

There’s a new poll in place, and it’s going to change some of the players names.

We’re going to give you the opportunity to weigh in on what’s happened in the past and what’s going on right now.

We also have some names you’ll want to know about and what you need to know.

We’ll give you all of that information and more before the Heisman Trophy ceremony on Feb. 27 at the University of Texas.