‘Kia optimas’ on sale for Rs. 4,200 in Delhi

A kia-branded car can be found for Rs 4,600 in Delhi, but a group of women have been selling it online for Rs 6,000.

The vehicle was a red kia Optima from the Kia Optimum range.

The women said the vehicle had been a seller of their own in the city for about five years and they had decided to sell it for Rs 12,000 as a donation to the NGO Organising Mothers.

Kia’s car, the Optima, is not a new car but has been popular for more than a decade with the group selling the vehicles online.

The group’s manager said they had been selling the vehicle in Delhi for about two years.

“We were selling the car online and we bought the vehicle last year from another vendor for Rs 3,000, which was the price of the car,” said the manager.

“When we went to Delhi for the sale, we were approached by the owner and offered a loan of Rs 2,000 from the loan shark,” he said.

The buyer was the widow of a retired teacher who has been working as a labourer in the area.

She was told the vehicle was on its way to be sold in the capital.

The owner agreed to give up the vehicle and give it to the organisation.