How Google’s new ad tech helps brands drive engagement

The UK has seen its share of the ad market decline, with the number of ads that run in Google’s AdWords program shrinking from an estimated 70 billion in 2015 to just 10 billion today.

But that doesn’t mean Google isn’t investing in the future.

In a blog post today, Google said it will be rolling out AdWords Optimizer, a new tool that helps advertisers see more relevant ads and optimize their campaigns.

The ad tech is designed to give marketers a more personalized experience, said Kevin Tumlinson, the general manager of Google’s ads and search division.

And Google is betting that ads with better relevance will be more successful.

AdWords Optimator, which Google has been testing internally, will let advertisers view more relevant ad content than before.

The tool will also allow advertisers to tailor their campaigns to show more relevant content to their targeted audience.

Google said the tool will be available to advertisers in the next few weeks, with a release expected next week.

Google says that advertisers can opt in to use AdWordsOptimizer for $9.99 per month, or for $15 per year.

Ads that run on the new platform will also have the ability to link back to Google.

That’s because Google wants advertisers to be able to share the results of their ad campaigns with Google, which will then use the data to help its advertisers improve their ad content.

Advertisers will be able also to opt in for ads to appear more frequently, even if the campaign is only a handful of clicks away.

Google also says that ads can now be set to only show once per day, or if the ad has already run on Google search.

But the company isn’t offering all of those features for free.

It will charge advertisers a monthly fee to use the tool.

Google has been investing heavily in ads in recent years, spending $10 billion on ads in 2016.

The company has been adding more ads to its AdWords platform, which it says is used by millions of brands, including Amazon, Starbucks, and

And the company has also spent billions on ads through its AdSense platform.